In the bush

These series of articles have been written because of the number of times I have been queried about general travel with a caravan in some of the remoter areas of Australia and specifically about our Goldstream Explorer ST caravan.

We have taken our Goldstream Explorer caravan to such places as:

These are but a few of the places we have visited with our Goldstream Explorer caravan.

I hope these articles may be of assistance to those looking at purchasing a caravan for remote area travelling and then travelling to such places. I have also written about our own Goldstream Explorer ST caravan.

A bush camp

Now retired we spend about six months a year travelling. Our travelling mainly consists of bush camping. We rarely frequent caravan parks. When in caravan parks we do not take a powered site unless the weather is either extremely hot or cold. Then we may take a powered site to run our reverse cycle air conditioning. We do not carry a generator, being self sufficient from solar cells and batteries.

I am not an “expert” on caravans or outback travel but I have gained knowledge through experience. These are my opinions and others may disagree. It is up to you, the reader, to evaluate the information on this site and use it accordingly.

Whilst I may not add additional pages to this blog I do update and add to the information already published on these pages. If a page has been updated you will see the date of the latest update at the bottom of the page. There are links included with these articles that will give you more information by simply clicking on them. Of course any photograph may be blown to full size by also clicking on it.

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updated 11/11/2011

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