Towing vehicle

I do not want to get into a discussion of the various pros and cons in towing vehicles. I am sure there are many suitable vehicle available. My aim of this page is to alert people to the risks of towing with a Nissan Navara.

My D22 Navara suffered a collapse of the rear chassis rails. This resulted in the towbar and caravan hitch collapsing onto the road. On inspection, once we retrieved the vehicle and had it delivered to a suitable place to have the chassis repaired it was evident that cracks had been occurring over a period of time. My insurance company would not cover this damage as they termed it a structural failure of the vehicle.

Nissan have just announced the recall of all D40 Navara’s fitted with genuine Nissan towbars because of cracks to the chassis rails. Exactly the same as happened to my D22 with its genuine Nissan towbar. However Nissan have declined to enter into discussion with me in reference to this repair. In fact Nissan will only respond to written correspondence with a telephone call. I was informed this was company policy.

So it has cost me $1,300 to repair this issue with the chassis rails. Still it could have been worse. If we had been on a steep hill the caravan could have run of the road. If we had been in the middle of one of our desert journeys it could have cost a huge sum of money to recover the car and van. And lastly if the caravan had become uncontrollable we may have been involved in a serious accident.

Based purely on my own experiences I would have to say that using a Nissan Navara to tow a caravan is simply not worth the risk involved.

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  1. Thanks for the warning. Looking at new vehicle options – will rule out the Nissan.


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